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April 28, 2015 


  Tom Swidarski Joins Bancsource as Interim-CEO  


I am reaching out to inform you of recent changes here at Bancsource. As you may know, Bancsource has been acquired by the private equity firm CapitalWorks LLC located in Cleveland, OH. At Bancsource we have experienced firsthand CapitalWorks’ dedication and commitment to making our company the premier provider of ATM services and equipment.     


It is with great excitement that I introduce our interim CEO, Tom Swidarski. Serving as CEO for Diebold from 2005 through 2013, he has a strong understanding of the banking technology industry. He was SVP/Marketing Director for PNC before taking a high ranking position with Diebold in their Global Marketing & Global R&D. His experience in helping companies achieve operational excellence and building customer-centric business strategies is something we at Bancsource are all excited about. Currently, he sits on the board of several other companies that range in size from $30M to $800M in annual revenue.

After recruiting his replacement, Tom will remain involved with Bancsource as the Chairman of the Board. He believes in, and is committed to, this Company’s long term growth prospects. As somebody with extensive experience in the service industry, he understands the importance of our customers and looks forward to building these relationships. t

Both the team at Bancsource and the team at Capital Works are excited about the doors that this partnership has opened. We strongly believe in our people, our knowledge of the industry, and our ability to provide outstanding service and product solutions to our customers. With your help, we look forward to taking Bancsource to the next level.

Please find a press release attached that will be released to the public April 28th, 2015 detailing Tom Swidarski (and other advisory board member)’s involvement with Bancsource.

Tom Black  

Investor and Board Member


  CapitalWorks LLC Invests in Bancsource  


CapitalWorks LLC is pleased to announce that it has made an investment in Bancsource, Inc alongside industry veterans Tom Swidarski, Bill Koehler, Tom Black and Zahid Afzal.     


The entire CapitalWorks team and Bancsource Advisory Board is impressed by the energy and capabilities of the employees at Bancsource and are excited about the future growth prospects for the Company. As a part of our commitment to the Company, we have brought in Tom Swidarski as CEO for an interim period while we search for a permanent solution.

To learn more about CapitalWorks, you may visit our website at  


Dick Hollington  

Managing Director

CapitalWorks LLC


April 17, 2013 

  Bancsource recognizes employee who helped facilitate Special Olympics fundraiser  


Carrie Tiller, Equipment Purchasing Manager, recently helped organize a fundraiser for the Republic, MO Special Olympics team. With her assistance, the volunteers put together a bowl-a-thon that brought together near 100 bowlers and raised over $3,000 for the cause.  


The goal of the event was to raise money to send the athletes to the state tournament in June. To learn more about the Special Olympics, you may visit their website at  

Special Olypmics 



January 14, 2013

International Bank of Commerce and Bancsource announce ATM Service Partnership

International Bank of Commerce (IBC) of Laredo, TX and Bancsource, Republic, MO announced this week a partnership in which Bancsource will handle both first line and second line maintenance on IBC’s 313 ATMs across Texas and Oklahoma. The agreement allows Bancsource to be a major supplier of ATM maintenance services in Texas and Oklahoma.  

Kevin Mullins, Sr Vice President of IBC’s Electronic Services Division, had this to say, “With the Bancsource footprint in Texas and Oklahoma, their excellent r eputation among mid tier banks in servicing our brand and their competitive pricing, it just made sense to have them as our new provider for ATM maintenance services.” Mullins went on to mention, “When we looked at the whole relationship opportunity with Bancsource, we saw lots of upside potential to what we can do with our ATM fleet.  

“IBC has a reputation of being very customer oriented in their retail delivery services”, said Ron Bartley, EVP Sales, “and they see their ATM fleet as an extension of that philosophy.” 

Walt Wasyliw, CEO of Bancsource said, “We look forward to working closely with IBC. I think this is a terrific opportunity from which both companies can benefit. Hopefully IBC sees this as an opportunity to move in a different direction than with their previous provider and which will offer superior customer service and will result in cost savings. While we are already one of the largest service providers in Texas and Oklahoma, this partnership  will allow us to grow our infrastructure and will benefit all of our customers in those two states.” 

For further information contact Walt Wasyliw or Ron Bartley at 800-456-4848

IBC Bank is a member of International Bancshares Corporation (NASDAQ: IBOC), a $12.1 billion multi-bank financial holding company headquartered in Laredo, Texas, with 215 facilities and more than 335 ATMs serving 88 communities in Texas and Oklahoma. International Bancshares Corporation was named one of the nation’s 100 most trustworthy companies by Forbes in 2012.  More information is available at Visit us on our YouTube Channel, IBCBankWeDoMore

Since 1979, it has been Bancsource’s goal to work closely with our client base and develop customized solutions for them. Today, Bancsource with over 2200 clients, including some of the largest Tier I banks, is one of the nations largest independent maintenance providers in the financial institution arena as well as providing those services to dozens of ATM ISOs in the US. We are brand indifferent when it comes to service and have the ability to provide FLM and SLM on all major brands of ATMs sold in the United States. In 2004, we developed a unique ATM servicing model which has enable us to provide superior service and resulted in us being the fastest growing ATM service company in the country. Contact us to see what our personalized approach can do for your financial institution.

  April 2, 2012


Paramount Management Group announces new partnership with Bancsource

Paramount Management Group, a nationwide automated teller machine (ATM) owner and operator, announced today that it is partnering with Bancsource, a national service provider, to provide maintenance and service support for Paramount’s merchant ATM locations, along with high-profile bank customers.

The partnership allows Paramount to leverage a national footprint of highly trained in-house technicians. Bancsource will manage both first- and second-line maintenance throughout the United States. Service will be provided on a wide range of ATM models including those that have image equipment and other financial service solutions.

With this partnership, Bancsource will also install Paramount’s ATM hardware along with Paramount’s video toppers and its Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ATM solution.

"We are very excited about our partnership with Bancsource," said Paramount’s President, Randall Leaman. "They are an established service provider in the banking world holding a higher standard of service. Our mission is to provide excellent service and Bancsource is an industry leader. We are pleased to have them as a partner."

Walt Wasyliw, CEO of Bancsource said, "We are extremely pleased that Paramount Management Group has chosen us as their partner. We have a shared culture of putting the customer first and will work closely to ensure that the highest customer service standards are exceeded."


  October 5, 2011


HP Announces Bancsource as Authorized Reseller of HP Parts!



Bancsource, Inc. announced today that they have been selected as an authorized reseller of HP parts and equipment. HP is the largest supplier of printers to the financial services industry as well as one of the largest manufacturers of PC’s and peripherals. 


“We can now save our customers more money and offer better service” said Walt Wasyliw, CEO of Bancsource, Inc. 


Bancsource, Inc. is a 17 year old company and the largest independent equipment & services organization for community banks in the United States. They work with over 2,500 banks. They also do service work for 18 of the top 20 largest banks in the country. In addition, they sell most of the equipment used by banks; including printers, ATMs, sorters, and coin machines. 


April 12, 2011

Bancsource announces new partnership with Nautilus Hyosung, North America

For over 30 years, thousands of financial institutions have trusted Bancsource for their equipment sales and service. Now we are partnering with Nautilus Hyosung to offer their full line of ATMs. With almost 200,000 ATMs sold in North America - from economical cash-dispensers to full-line Image Deposit - no company offers a more complete line of ATMs than Nautilus Hyosung. Each new model is fully compliant with the new ADA requirements.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help maximize the revenue from your ATM fleet with increased uptime and customer satisfaction and decreased cost of service and ownership.

Hyosung 2700 ATM               Hyosung 7600 ATM             Hyosung 7600 ATM              Hyosung 7600 Island ATM

Better Service - Better Equipment - Bancsource


 August 13, 2010

Welch Systems Improves Uptime with Service Provider

Bancsource offered nationwide service, customized plans and online support to keep ATMs operating.     Welch needed to ensure that all service calls were completed in a timely, efficient manner, and to provide accurate arrival times for clients.  


The players


Welch Systems, founded in 1973, provides money handling solutions and management services to financial institutions, retailers and other ATM owners and operators. As a privately held firm with annual revenues of $10 million, the Peoria, Ill.-based firm is touted for its longevity, vast customer base and reputation for providing excellent solutions and outstanding support.


Since its inception in 1979, Bancsource has transformed into one of the largest independent ATM maintenance providers in the United States. With a nationwide network of service technicians and other experts, the Republic, Mo.-based firm specializes in supporting national and large regional ATM deployments. Bancsource’s clients range from banks, ISOs and credit unions to mortgage companies and government offices.  


The challenge


After more than three decades in money management, by 2006 Welch Systems had amassed a client portfolio that included hundreds of banks, retailers and other firms with large regional and national ATM networks.


Managing the expanding networks required conquering logistical challenges such as providing prompt repair and maintenance service for a wide array of models and products across a huge geographic footprint.


“We knew we needed to partner with an experienced, reliable service provider that would understand the needs of our clients and accommodate them, no matter which types of machines were in their network or where they were located,” said Dave Welch, executive vice president for Welch Systems.


Since prompt repairs and maintenance are key factors to optimize ROI for any ATM fleet, Welch Systems needed to ensure that all service calls were completed in a timely, efficient manner, and to devise an efficient way to handle service calls and provide accurate arrival times for clients. In the past, some clients had reported slow response times.


“When a machine is down, it’s important to get it back up as soon as possible,” Welch said.  "Clients want to know they can get back online quickly and easily when something happens."


The solution


While researching ATM maintenance providers, Welch Systems discovered Bancsource, one of the largest independent ATM maintenance providers in the United States.


With more than 200 full-time field engineers, a network of certified sub-contractors, long-term alliances with software suppliers and parts warehouses throughout the United States, Bancsource offered a nationwide safety net and a broad range of customized solutions, such as 24/7 service coverage.


Trained Bancsource field engineers are equipped with an inventory of parts in their vehicles, matched specifically to customers’ machine types and usage patterns, along with laptops for diagnostics and remote access to a vast library of schematics, manuals and guides.


In addition, the field engineers receive back-up support from Bancsource’s team of factory-trained, certified product support professionals.


Welch Systems also thought Bancsource’s 24-hour Customer Care website was helpful.


The tool allows clients to:  


·           Create and track service calls 

·           Review service history on each individual piece of equipment 

·           Receive e-mail notifications for completed preventative maintenance service calls 

·           View details on service agreements and manage equipment contracts  

·           Request electronic invoices


In addition to online assistance, Welch Systems was assigned a service account manager to assist with daily operations by providing information such as metrics, reports and billing statements. 


The results


By partnering with Bancsource, Welch Systems provided its clients with faster service calls, lower repair costs, better customer service and the high level of support needed to expand regional and national ATM networks. 


“Bancsource makes sure its field engineers have the right tools and resources at their disposal to take care of almost any repair or maintenance issue,” Welch said. “That dramatically speeds up service calls.”


Another key reason Welch Systems chose Bancsource was its dedication to preventative maintenance. Each of Welch Systems’ machines receives scheduled preventative maintenance calls. If the field technician finds other issues with the machine during that call, he will resolve those issues immediately and then reschedule an additional call that focuses solely on maintenance. Welch Systems can view and track all its maintenance calls through the Customer Care website. The regular preventative maintenance helped Welch realize a greater uptime percentage since moving to Bancsource.  


Improving response and repair times boosted ROI for Welch’s clients by reducing downtimes for malfunctioning machines.


Streamlining the repair request process was crucial, Welch says, and Bancsource’s online tool was an ideal solution. Along with boosting efficiency, the online system allows clients to effectively manage specific equipment needs, cutting repair costs.


Brandy Sassmann, an outsource service coordinator at Welch Systems, says the user-friendly Customer Care website has streamlined efficiency because it enables her to receive real-time reports on service call requests and to quickly address any client concerns.


“Since the site is continuously updated, it keeps everyone informed,” Sassman said. “Bancsource’s field engineers provide accurate ETAs and prioritize calls to make sure urgent things are taken care of first. Clients appreciate that.”


When an online request is submitted, a Bancsource field engineer, senior field engineer or district manager responds within 30 minutes.


“A lot of times they can troubleshoot the problem over the phone to get a machine up and running, but if they can’t, they dispatch a field engineer to the location,” Sassman said.


By improving response time and customer service, Welch Systems boosted client relations and fueled further growth. Since forming the partnership with Bancsource in 2006, Welch Systems has doubled the number of clients in its portfolio.


“Partnering with Bancsource helped us take our customer service up to the next level and to continue growing,” said Welch.  


Since forming the partnership with Bancsource in 2006, Welch Systems has doubled the number of clients in its portfolio.


About the sponsor:Bancsource Inc., founded in 1979, is one of the largest independent ATM maintenance providers in the United States. With a nationwide network of service technicians and other experts, the Republic, Mo.-based firm specializes in supporting national and large regional ATM deployments. Bancsource’s clients range from banks, ISOs and credit unions to mortgage companies and government offices. 



June 28, 2010

Independent Benchmark Company Consistently Ranks Bancsource as Top-Tier Service Provider 

In today's competitive business work, every company promises to provide exceptional service after the sale.  But only a few can back it up.


For years, top-tier service providers such as Xerox, IBM and Hewlett-Packard have hired independent companies such as Service 800 to design and administer in-depth research on client satisfaction.  And every year, Bancsource consistently ranks equal to or better than every other top service company in each category measured.  This investment in objective client feedback helps Bancsource retain world-class service levels.  By maintaining constant contact with our clients, we are better equipped to make quick, fact-based decisions and make any necessary adjustments in today's constant-changing environments.  Not only does this objective feedback allow for ongoing analysis, it also provides a vehicle for elevation of any service issues that may arise. 


Bancsource views any individual "score" that ranks lower than 4 out of 5 as unacceptable and would then require immediate follow up from a District Service Manager to quickly resolve any concerns before they become long-term issues.


There are companies that talk about providing service - and there are companies dedicated to nothing less than exceptional service.  Bancsource - your one source for service.







March 30, 2010


Bancsource Introduces Customer Care Website to Help Track Maintenance Services


Bancsource recently introduced its new 24-hour online customer care website to help their customers track services calls and manage equipment contracts all in one easy to use location.

Customer Care is a real-time information tool that gives Bancsource clients the ability to create and track service calls online. There are many other applications the Customer Care site can be used for, including:

Review service history on each individual piece of equipment


·           Schedule email notifications when PM service calls are completed 

·           View specific details on service agreements 

·           Request electronic invoices 


Bancsource Field Engineers update the website daily with call numbers, details on the call, parts ordered and when the service call is completed.

The result is a comprehensive online solution that gives Bancsource Clients a more effective tool for managing their specific equipment needs and costs.


“Using the Customer Care website has had a huge impact on controlling our costs and identifying problem equipment – especially with our older machines.” - Eric Grundman, Peoples State Bank


Bancsource specializes in hardware maintenance and sales and is currently one of the largest independent maintenance providers in the country. They work with over 3,000 financial institutions in 49 states. For more information or to get registered for their Customer Care web site, you can contact them at (800) 456-4848.